Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How Strange...

Well, I've started into making a few revisions on the manuscript, as requested. As I went about it I thought, "Ya know, I should talk to some sort of Dutch oven enthusiast for a modern perspective about why people do Dutch oven cooking today..."

So I got online and started surfing around and came up with a name and phone number of someone who seemed to be in the thick of that scene. He graciously consented to a telephone interview. Over the course of nearly an hour he told me about the organizational structure of the International Dutch Oven Society, and the best way to clean your Dutch oven. Yup.

When I asked about Dutch oven traditions from his parents, he said there were none. Nope. He only picked it up a few years ago just for fun. The feeling I got was that it was a very contemporary hobby for a lot of people, having absolutely nothing to do with history whatsoever. Instead it is an alternative to grilling with propane.

How very strange it seems to me...

So I went back to revising the preface and first chapter. It turns out they were both jumbled together and the chronology was all messed up.

It doesn't make a very interesting story, does it? I bet you're even disappointed that you read all the way to the end. Nelson says, "HA ha."


Tawna said...

Was it Brian Blodgett? He was in our ward in West Jordan, and he won some kind of award for the best Dutch Oven cooking in Utah. We had no idea he was so skilled in that area. We thought all he could do was play trombone. (I'm being facetious; he's a great guy and was also a great home teacher)

Ranes said...

Actually, Brian and Lisa Blodgett won the International Dutch Oven Society's World Championship Cook-Off in Salt Lake City. There were 20 teams in the Semi Finals. 10 of those teams went against last years champs during the finals.

Brian and Lisa were in the top three last year and took first place this year. They are excellent Dutch Oven cooks.

I'm wondering if the interviewed person might be Jack Wallace?

Ranes said...

If you have the time, I would recommend contacting Colleen Sloan. Colleen has been called the Dutch Oven Diva... the Queen of Cast Iron. Colleen has forgotten more information about cast iron and Dutch Ovens than most people will ever learn. She's an amazing lady with volumes of information.

She can tell you about the Pioneers, the Pony Express, the current manufacturing procedures for pretty much any cast iron, and dang near anything else you would ever want to know about the topic.

She lives in the Salt Lake area and does Dutch Oven demo classes all the time. I would assume she could easily be considered an expert in many ways regarding your book.

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

Very funny! Get to work and what possible excuse could you possibly have for not coming to critique tonight!!!

You're going to miss out, bub!