Friday, February 25, 2011

A Whisk!

Yeah, I guess my riddles are too easy. It is a whisk.

I was just excited to find it in a museum. I had read the following instruction on egg beating from Eliza Leslie's Directions for Cookery (1840):

Persons who do not know the right way, complain much of the fatigue of beating eggs, and therefore leave off too soon. There will be no fatigue, if they are beaten with the proper stroke, and with wooden rods, and in a shallow, flat-bottomed earthen pan.

I imagined someone holding a handful of sticks. But there we have evidence of an early whisk, to meet Leslie's description somewhat. And I was even more amazed that someone would care to preserve such an artifact for a hundred and fifty years. I mean, its just a bunch of twigs. But some granddaughter of Ole Anderson cherished that bundle of twigs. I like that idea, a lot.


dddapd said...

This type of whisk works great for whipping cream, though I've never tried beating eggs with one. I usually make one on site from green twigs, boiling them first for sanitation purposes. But I've always had breat success and it draws lots of questions from visitors.