Monday, June 15, 2009

Pioneeeer Trek

Tomorrow I leave for "Pioneer Trek" with the kids from church. Its this quasi-reenactment of the Mormon handcart expeditions of the 1850s. When I was a kid, I did one with an outfit from BYU. We walked about 30 miles in four days, eating gruel. The one I'm doing tomorrow, I understand it will be only 20 miles, and slightly better food (but only because the food will be less than authentic).

They've told us over and over, its not really a historical reenactment. Its more of a long set of initiative games aimed at building righteous teenagers. When I offered my assistance on the food end of things, they said they already had it all planned out: canned chili and store-bought biscuits. Canned chili for a crowd of 250 people... should be spectacular. Scenes from Blazing Saddles come to mind.

Last night they told us that the former recommendations of quasi-historical clothing had been suspended... for the women and girls. They are now welcome to don pants due to fears of inclement weather. Blue jeans are still prohibited for the guys. Khaki Dockers are recommended instead. My wife sewed for three days straight to get historically authentic clothing for her and daughter. She's gonna dress right, by gum. I'll try to post photos of the anachronistic fashion show.

I made up a sourdough anyway. I'm gonna take 5 lbs of flour and see which biscuits get eaten first-- mine or the storebought. I can't let this opportunity go by. After all, when will I be on the Mormon trail with a handcart and a dutch oven again?


Jen said...

I can't believe the girls can wear pants. It's a shame, really. I went on trek twice and had to muck through rain and mud in my dress...bloomers and all. That was part of the fun, actually. I'm glad that Shannon and Emma will be dressed "appropriately."

Have fun. I'm sure you'll have a rootin' tootin' good time with all that chili. :)

Can't wait to see pictures.

Cowboy Curtis said...

Maybe you shouldn't bring a dutch oven because the trail will be littered with other dutch oven's that other church groups on pioneer trek had to abandon because they overpacked their handcarts, and grew weary.

Cowboy Curtis said...

Oh, and I loved the Blazing Saddles reference.

Jana said...

Pfah. Inclement weather? In what possible way could skirts be so much more difficult than pants in "inclement weather"? Sheesh. Sissies. Skirts: not that difficult to figure out.

Jeannetta said...

Are you back yet? Did they love your biscuts??
Do tell :)