Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Now we're getting serious!

Okay so you've probably noticed some mysterious looking changes to the blog lately. In the next couple of days the new buttons will become functional, and there will be a couple more new buttons as well. All this is for you, my friends.

Once I get the buttons up and going I'll be doing some give-aways with pioneer-related stuff. Or at least pioneer foodie type stuff. The goal here is to increase followers, page views and comments. I've got some fantastic gourmet raw honey. I've got a couple of aprons with the site logo. I've got some of those wonderful sourdough cultures that Sherm turned me on to. And more. Its all for you my friends.

So here's the deal. When I say, "On your marks, get set..." Wait for it... I'll start giving the stuff away to those who can come up with legitimate pioneer foodways or recipes tied to particular Mormon pioneers (has to be at least pre-1900, preferably earlier). We'll post all the submissions here on the site in a special section for reader-generated content. So start thinking about how far you can trace that Christmas pudding back in your genealogy!


Jana said...

Oh my golly gracious me. This sounds fun.

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

K, that's not fair! Some of us aren't cooks, or bakers for that matter, and my mother was the genealogist! I think I should earn a prize for being one of your biggest fans though! And let me just say, I laughed OUT LOUD through your whole story today. Too funny. I love your dry humor. It really gets me!

PS. Please read my blog post. It's something you need to do! LOL

Cowboy Curtis said...

I have an original pioneer recipe I bought from Mark Hoffman, does that count?