Saturday, October 9, 2010

An Update

I just thought I'd share an update on some of the food and publishing related projects I'm working on.

Here is a link to more photos from bake day at Heber's, including our Danish pastries.

The publisher says I should finish the edits on the manuscript by the end of October, and have the illustrations by December. I went to the Utah State Historical Society archives to find photos last week, and found quite a few. I'll post some scans next week.

The sauerkraut is finished and ready to bottle, sometime this week. The whole basement smells like kraut.

Bake day this week turned out well. My baking stone is just a little short for the baguettes but the loaves turned out better than ever. We had bruschetta for dinner with bloody ripe tomatoes from the garden. Speaking of which, the garden did very well this year. There's 200 quarts of various items on the pantry shelves: stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, salsa, peaches, pears, half a dozen varieties of jam and jelly, pickles in variety, two dozen quarts of apple pie filling, and soon sauerkraut as well.

Yesterday I picked ten bushels of apples with friends. Next week we'll crush them for cider.

So I'm curious... what sort of pioneer food projects are you working on this autumn? Do tell!


nali said...

No pictures...but we did dry tomato slices and apricots on drying racks in the sun when we were 'playing' pioneer this summer.

We also harvested some horehound and hope to make some horehound candy soon. It's great for sore throats

Cowboy Curtis said...

We are very jealous of your garden! Here, if I want to have a garden I have to build a 7 foot fence around it so the deer won't jump over and eat all the plants.

(This is due to my awesome elderly neighbors who throw out deer feed all over their driveway every morning to feed the small herd of 15-20 deer that live in my neighborhood. And by awesome, I mean stupid)

MissC said...

Shortbread. I am Scottish and English on my mother's side, and Danish and English on my father's.

Mixed in (due to the whims of queens and kings) is a bit of French and Spanish.

My husband is PA Dutch. So, we blend our cuisines in a 'vonderful gut' way. We also lived in Germany for a couple of years. The food project I am working on is sauerkraut, and cardamom bread, as well as a Kringle brot.

I am seriously enjoying your blog, and hope to see more things, such as homemade cheese.