Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Historical Photos & Images

I've been working on finding photos for the book. Here are some historical photos for your enjoyment. These photos are all from Utah State History, archived online. They have a great searchable database that you can browse.

A buffalo hunting scene. Peregrine Sessions chased buffalo in this manner in 1847, and brought 1,800 lbs of meat back to the camp.

Fruit grown in Toquerville, famous as a wine making region in the 1860s. I just love that dusty coating of yeast.

Interior of a bakery in Helper, Utah. The large wooden box on the right is for proofing dough. The oven is the hole in the wall behind the baker.

A wheat field, harvested in shocks by hand.

A bakery in the boom town of Corinne, Utah, about 1869, out of a tent. And a book store behind it.


Melissa J. Cunningham said...

Great pics!

Brock said...

Yeah, when I see photos from history it always reminds me how different it was from the history of my imagination.