Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jealous Much?

Now brace yourself. Remember the "don't covet" commandment. I just want to share my latest bit of excitement.

My good buddy Cody (see previous posts) was driving down the road one day and there was a traveling flea market selling antiques from Europe. Among other things, there were several dough troughs. You may have seen dough bowls before, but these were troughs. And of course, he bought one for me. Here's a photo or two...

So how much flour do you think such a trough would hold? How many loaves would come out of it? How big an oven would one need to bake the loaves as they come, before they blow out from rising too much? I have half a mind to buy twenty pounds of flour just to see how it works, even if I can't actually bake it all efficiently.

And the best part...guess how much it cost?

Nope. You're all wrong.


Hahahahahahaha!!!! Isn't Cody the best?


Shannon said...

Yep, Cody is the best!

Glenn said...

That is outrageously cool.

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

Wow! That thing is huge! Bring some of that bread to critique! LOL Make sure it's hot and don't forget the butter!

Le Loup said...

Oh mate, what a find!